Friday, 31 August 2012

A 5-Year Fall Retrospective: It's Black, It's White...

"It's black, It's's tough for you to get by
It's black, it's white , whoo - ooh, yee-yee-ye"
Remember those lines from Michael Jackson's "Black or White"? Those words been running through my head all week long '... if you're thinking 'bout my baby, it don't matter if you're black or white'? Oh, Michael! And, Fall trends over the years certainly prove MJ right... so, if you're looking to win the style jackpot wherever! whenever! whoever you are! - then you must trust in the power of the "All-Black" and the "All-White" (well, that's another story-for another day).

Black Fashion Styling: The Trend That Never Quits!
A classic wardrobe staple, black is stylish, edgy and always in season! From the Little Black Dress, the Classic Black Jacket to the always-handy black pumps, black styling over centuries have given us many classic staples that prove you can never go wrong all-blacked up. Flexible too, all-black style transcends fashion genres and easily flows from classic and elegant, goth and mysterious, to frilly and ladylike... damn hawt! We're going down memory lane, and drawing great tips from all-black fall trends from the past five years. Enjoy...
Fall/Winter 2008-2009
Revamped Classics
Jean Paul Gaultier/Chanel/Dior/Moschino/Valentino
Our Lesson:
Black is classic. Undeniably so. But classic can be a tad conservative. To rev up your style-ometer with black classics for fall, try updated takes on the old classics - try a shiny black trench, a bulbous black jacket or a LBD with an edgy twist. To stand out some more in your good ol' classics, wear statement accessories that'll bring the pop factor back to town.
Fall/Winter 2009-2010
Textured Chic
Tadashi Shoji/William Rast/Louise Goldin/Nicole Miller/Terexov
Our Lesson:
A perfect way to glam up your all black look is to mix it up by wearing different textures - shiny with matte, velvet with cotton, sequins with lace, knits with wovens, sheers with opaques, etc. That way, you are decked all in black - but you don't look boring or Addams-sy!
Fall/Winter 2010-2011
Luxurious Drapes
Alexander Wang/Derek Lam/Donna Karan/Narciso Rodriguez/Elie Saab

Our Lesson:
Black is elegant and chic but black can also be a tad bland, lets admit it. It comes with intrigue, goes with everything else but lacks the sass, the vibrancy of bright colours. To make more of a statement with your all-black look, wear draped designs and looks. They feature stylish complicated ruching and artful gathers that are ultra-femme, breathe elegance, give life to dull outfits and make a bold statement too - a true statement of luxury and class!
Fall/Winter 2011 - 2012
The Lady Meets the Tramp
Jason Wu/Gareth Pugh/Prabal Garung/Vera Wang/Lanvin
Our Lesson:
We love the sheer delicacy of lace and chiffon, and how they effortlessly bring our feminity to the fore... But what we love even more, is when the nice girl gets tough! An awesome way to give some character to your all-black look this fall is to mix girly and delicate styles with some good ol' tough and edgy 'vixen' sass... and leave them all wondering who you really are... How we'd wear this trend would be to throw a zip-detailed bomber jacket on a delicate chiffon gown or to pair a long sleeved lace minidress with thigh-high leather boots, a sleeveless leather vest and spiked accessories!
Fall/Winter 2012 - 2013
A Touch of Gold
Dolce and Gabbana/Ferragamo/Jason Wu/Marni/Versace
Our Lesson:
Who says all-black has to be all black? We love how a touch of gold makes all black more glamorous and classy without losing its edginess or touch of fetish glamour. Whether it's exploring the Sicilian Baroque style, embroidered with beads or handworked with gold lace, stitching and embroidery, gold accents pumped the 'All-Black' up in royal style this year, and it gave us many swell ideas too!
To cap it all up, here's a look at Michael Jackson's "Black or White", one of our favourite videos of all time. As little kids, we used to watch this video over and over and over again...
So, will you be rocking all black this fall?
Here, we're counting on seeing a lot of bold embellishments, layers, sheer fabric and glitter,(lots of glitter) this year.  We'd love to know how YOU plan to wear the all-black look ...
Ciao, and have a fun-tastic weekend!


Friday, 24 August 2012

Tobi: Have You Seen Me Lately?

I'm really feeling myself lately. Two Reasons. One, Mum spent this week with me in Lagos, so check fun, bonding, laughter, shopping, advice and "girl" time! *sigh*!! Two, I got me a new weave, and I am loving it! It's really soft and requires little maintenance (no oils, no sprays - I just finger style with water and that's it! Honestly!) That's mane-heaven right there - and I don't get scared of drizzles anymore. What. Amazingness. Just in case you've all forgotten what I look like (no personal style posts lately, sorry *hiding face*), here are two pictures of me rocking my new mane - this week- what do you think? 
Tuesday: Coral Princess
Thursday: Rasta Tones 
Pretty boho, isnt't it? I'm wearing Outre Premium Natural Indian Human Hair - Baby Soft Wave 14". The weave is actually quite affordable,  and costs just $37.99 (here and here) plus, you only need about two or three packs!

And... someone else hasn't seen me lately!
I got an incredible poem from my amazing amazing friend, Uzo. We share these amazing poems (well, his are amazing?)  from time to time, especially when we haven't talked in a while or just want to say hi, or on birthdays, etc... It's an amazing friendship that we have, truly. We have had so many conversations via poetry, you wouldn't believe ... back and forth.. back and forth.... So I though to share the poem, titled " Dear Tobi" with my favorite people. 

Do not frown at Time.
There is no excuse.
Indifferent and jealous like a hoary housewife
It cannot pause or watch us
Separarated from the landscape of dreams
And Magic.

Do not frown at distance.
Again, Tobi, you cannot make an excuse.
Famished and undending like my heart on rainy days
This road that leads up the loud laughter
And a warm hug perhaps.
Yet I deserve the Nobel:
Distance disappears in the mirror of my handset.

Do not frown at life.
True, there is nothing.
Alll mirages live lies for a living.
Like rainbows that are infact no bows
And cannot shoot down the fat game of your dreams.
Yet, we cannot choose any of these.
(Life's like those your roommates in Lagos Campus.)
There is nothing but hope of hopping off the ground
And land onto the soft sides of the sun at Noon.

So we cannot frown at Inglorious Time, Distance
Or the sham hue of our busy lives that are nothing but
A monotony of mondays.

All I meant to say is:
I miss you, my friend.
I frown only at Robbie Williams.

You can check Uzo out on his blog, crynaijaY'all have a great weekend and - see you next week!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Blinging Tribals: Maa-What? Maasai!

Who doesn't squeal in excitement at store windows showing mannequins wearing Maasai-inspired jewelry? That's it, deny it if you want to... we know you squeal inside! There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than a Maasai woman decked out in her full regalia. Nothing! And if you like your accessories bold and bright, and love to make one hell of a statement whenever you step out, then you gotta join this train! We found some amazing Maasai-inspired blingin' accessories to make you go - GOSH!!!, and if you like, we're going straight ahead to share some incredible brands that made us fall in love all over again.

The undeniably inspiring and insanely talented Melody Ehsani never fails to wow us! Her designs have been seen on J.Lo, Queen Latifah, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj,  Nas, Alicia Keys, Estelle, Khloe Kardashian, LMFAO, Keri Hilson, Solange... that list is loooong! You can get you some Melody here...
  Melody Ehsani's Masaai collection 

Handmade by over 1,400 Maasai women from Kenya's Mara National Reserve, Pikolinos' Maasai collection is elegant, chic and pretty! The profits from from these incredible shoes, made from the finest leather (well, it's Pikolinos?), go to the development of health and education centres in the region. You can shop the collection here and here. Go on, click those links - you know you want some...
Pikolinos' Summer 2012 Maasai Collection

If  you aren't convinced yet, here's a look at Eugenia Silva's Ad Campaign for Pikolinos' Maasai collection:

Stunning, right?

From exquisitely crafted handbags to insanely beautiful jewelry, scarves and shoes, the Kenya-based Anna Trzebinski brings Maasai style closer to home. Her designs are incredible, innovative and completely, totally, undeniably obsession-worthy! To check out more Anna Trzebinski designs and for details on where to get her stuff, check out Anna's Facebook page here...

Statement Necklaces

Did You Know?
Mothers of Maasai warriors wear "Surutia", coiled metal medallions. If her son is the first to get his head shaved during the Eunoto ceremony (a man's transition from warriorhood to elderhood), he wears his mothers Surutia and it becomes "Loosurutia"
Maasai women wear elaborate beaded collars, which are higher in front and lower in back. The collars are made by the women themselves, and become more elaborate as women grow and acquire more skill. The women shave their heads to show off the beaded collars, which move around when they dance.
Beads in particular have some meaning to the Maasai, with red beads having a connection to blood, blue beads having a connection to the heavens and the Gods, and green beads having a connection to prosperity, fertility of the land, and peace. All other colors are purely decorative.
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