Monday, 30 April 2012

Tobi: Tom Toms and Battle cries

The adrenaline pumps through my blood
Straight into my heart it goes
Yet you tell me the war has not begun
My pulse beats like a drum
tom-tom, tom-tom, tom-tom
Yet you say it's only in my head

The adrenaline goes to my soul now
My will pumps up like a peacock
And my battle cry reaches the skies
Yet you say the war hasn't begun
You say it's in my head

You say it to me every night
When you reek of his touch
When you are fresh from his silk sheets
You tell me there is no war
You say it's in my head

Well, I guess people cheat ... 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Femi: On My Radar - The Gladstone Bag

Ever seen the doctor's bag (also known as the Gladstone bag) of the early 1900's? It was used to carry liniments, ointments, leeches (yuck!) and other stuff doctors used to lug about.
Fast-forward a few decades and you've got this- the new face of the doctor's bag!

Antler Knightsbridge Gladstone Bag - Mink
Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

Jeanette Sloan Gladstone Bag

Dahlia Gladstone Bag


Celine S/S 2012

Today, the Gladstone bag is chic, trendy and multi-functional - the ultimate fashion accessory! - and I'm dying to get my hands on one like right right right now!

Interesting facts:
1. The Gladstone Bag is named after William Ewart Gladstone (1809–1898), the four-time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
2. The Gladstone Bag is a type of suitcase which is "deeper in proportion to its length"
3. 'Gladstone' is the 5508th most popular name in the United States!
4. In some circles, the modern Gladstone bag is not considered a Gladstone bag at all!
5. The 'Gladstone Bag' Murder, based on a murder where a Gladstone bag featured prominently, represents one of the most important breakthroughs in crime detection and culminated in  ‘The Murder Bag’, an essential training for police involved in murder cases.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Tobi: Re-Vamping an Old Maxi Dress

I am known to wear a label on my head "Girl Who Doesn't Let Old Clothes Go".
Well, today was dress down friday at the office, so I decided to raid the bottom of my closet to visit some old pals-
They had seen good times, we had had good times...
But now, they were frayed, old, ignored - but no more!
I would wear them today!
I would bring them back to life.
They would rise from the ashes of my disregard!
They would rise!

So, an old maxi dress met an old lace blouse
and became a skirt!
And lo, a new look was born!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Dami: Ankara Bangles

Made in total commitment to the ankara jewelry trend, here are ankara bracelets to feed your eyes, and style cravings:

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Femi: How We Wore an Ankara Skirt

Tobi and I have a mild sister-tuition thing going on. Even across vast distances, we end up buying the same fabric and sewing the same styles. Well, here's another one of those..... I think it's interesting how we wore the skirt so differently...

My comfortable school look (remember this look?)

Well, here's how Tobi wore 'her' ankara skirt to work!
Tobi's work look

And the awesome accessories......
... were all lovingly made by  Dami

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tobi: Touch and Go

An old man once told me
On a lonely, weary road
Of another lonely, weary road
One he had walked
And one he had lived

A road paved with good intentions
And lined with cheerful giving
A road mapped by joyful cheer
Its lines holding now
A reminder of the seeds they might have borne

It reminded me so much of me
Striving so hard to touch lives
While those lives,
-They choose to let me go.

Sometimes, it becomes very hard to continue to strive to be good, especially to other people. Life-experiences of the old and the young, from generations untold to generations unborn, surely testify to this. A very wise, renowned dramatist, Tess Osonye Onwueme once told me: "The experiences in my life have all tried to teach me one lesson: that I should become a bad person. But I will continue to refuse to learn this lesson!". It is not an easy path, really. But we all must try to stay on it, despite the thorns. The good thing about experiences is that we can learn from them. If a person proves to be swine, then we may be right to desist from giving them our pearls. But we should not as a result keep our pearls away from everyone else who could have benefited therefrom. Afterall, we are exhorted to be "as wise as a scorpion and as gentle as a dove". We are not told to be as gentle as a dove only- that much is apparent!

Femi: Hair Trend Alert: Style it up with a Bun

The bun is so IT this season. It's a great way to get yourself glammed up and change your look with minimal effort and at no extra cost.
My favorite bun of all is the sock bun (also known as the donut bun) as seen above. In truth, I think Princess Tiana (a la Princess and the Frog a la the first black Disney princess a la I am obviously biased) sold me on this bun! Plus all the celebrities are wearing it too, so... #TREND ALERT# Princess Tiana's perfect Donut Bun
Great thing about this bun is you can play around with it, mess it up, smooth it down,braid it up, you can use it as a side bun, a high bun, a low bun.... on braids, natural hair, weaves... and it's a chic look for evenings, weddings and red carpet events. So, how do you make a sock bun? 1. Use a sock Well, it's called a sock bun because it's made with - GUESS WHAT- a sock! You simply cut the toe off, roll the sock up and bam, you have your own sock donut.
_ _ _ If you are sock-challenged like me however, here are some tips on how to wear a sock bun without a sock! 2. Use a hair bun ring
3. Use a hair band You just wrap the hair around itself. The band simply holds the ponytail in place. 4. Use a donut hair tool The bear bear lady has some cool tips:
Once you have any of the above, part your hair on the side and create a ponytail. Put your entire ponytail though the sock donut (sub. bun ring or band). Wrap the hair around the donut to hide it or separate hair into 4 equal sections, and spread them across the donut, until it's completely covered. Wrap and tuck the ends. You may also bobby pin sections of hair around the sock to form a smooth, flawless bun. Spray bun with hairspray to tame flyaways, and you're good to go!
Hair-ccentricity: Here's Tobi rocking various messy adaptations of the sock bun with her uber-length twists:
What's your take on the donut bun? Do you think you'll be trying it out soon?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Dami: Inspired by Nature - Bracelets of Colour

With this collection, I aimed for vibrancy and simplicity. I wanted pieces that felt right at home in nature but also retained a subtle tribal inclination. These bracelets were born of my reflections on the raw, edgy beauty of rocks, trees and the earth... the wild delicacy of forest blooms, and the flowers in my mum's gardens. Enjoy...
Many hugs and kisses to Tobi for taking these awesome shots!
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