Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tobi: Touch and Go

An old man once told me
On a lonely, weary road
Of another lonely, weary road
One he had walked
And one he had lived

A road paved with good intentions
And lined with cheerful giving
A road mapped by joyful cheer
Its lines holding now
A reminder of the seeds they might have borne

It reminded me so much of me
Striving so hard to touch lives
While those lives,
-They choose to let me go.

Sometimes, it becomes very hard to continue to strive to be good, especially to other people. Life-experiences of the old and the young, from generations untold to generations unborn, surely testify to this. A very wise, renowned dramatist, Tess Osonye Onwueme once told me: "The experiences in my life have all tried to teach me one lesson: that I should become a bad person. But I will continue to refuse to learn this lesson!". It is not an easy path, really. But we all must try to stay on it, despite the thorns. The good thing about experiences is that we can learn from them. If a person proves to be swine, then we may be right to desist from giving them our pearls. But we should not as a result keep our pearls away from everyone else who could have benefited therefrom. Afterall, we are exhorted to be "as wise as a scorpion and as gentle as a dove". We are not told to be as gentle as a dove only- that much is apparent!

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