Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tobi: You of the Twilight Here

By Me
Stands a headless viper
By Me
Binoculars drawn out to the blinding sun
Reflections of love, shadows of betrayal
Headless, I say
Powerless and Deadly

Did I ask?
Did I ask?
Why do you answer?
You of the Che shirts
And Cuban cigars
You of the immoral, you of the amoral
Stinking of vice and wine
Rat-infested hearts lost in the wilderness of right here
Tropic princesses of doom and tailored suits

Sunlight streams through grime smeared shutters
Mortal enemy of the thirsty bed bugs
Are you still here?
Miss Cleopatra of the fake name, fake address?
Are you still here?
I thought I lost you in the throes of mystic waves
Waves urelenting, passion cries. Waves unrelenting?

Yet you remain.
Here in the landmine of woes.
Yet you stay.
Sweet twilight, mine.

Here's a man living a life of vice. He wants to leave, I think, but the twilight keeps deceiving him, and the brief pleasures are hard to let go of. He remembers a betrayal that shaped his path, and is unable to step out of the poverty-stricken existence he is living in. He wallows in endless sensual pursuits and brief trysts. He isn't happy with his life and dreams of a brighter, better day, but he can't seem to take the step out - which will pull him out of this one!


  1. caution! if reading this could have made me have a rethink... I enjoyed the depth it portrayed. good piece!

    1. Thanks Seun! If only more people would read poetry - maybe the world would be better. At lease, people would have more depth (and be less superficial!)


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