Friday, 27 April 2012

Tobi: Re-Vamping an Old Maxi Dress

I am known to wear a label on my head "Girl Who Doesn't Let Old Clothes Go".
Well, today was dress down friday at the office, so I decided to raid the bottom of my closet to visit some old pals-
They had seen good times, we had had good times...
But now, they were frayed, old, ignored - but no more!
I would wear them today!
I would bring them back to life.
They would rise from the ashes of my disregard!
They would rise!

So, an old maxi dress met an old lace blouse
and became a skirt!
And lo, a new look was born!


  1. nice refashion. actually prefer the new look to the old one. great job

  2. love this look so much. way better than the old.

  3. Fabulous and sexy! I love strips! Flatters everone!


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