Thursday, 15 March 2012

Femi: Colour Blocking: Wearing the Trend

Regular School Day
Colour Blocked Blouse
So, what does a girl do who's not really good with colours? To wear the colour block trend, remember: less is more! Never ever combine two colour blocked items!!! You don't want to be a walking rainbow. And of course, consult your basic colour block wheel:
Tips on using the wheel 1. Do use colours that complement each other. These are directly opposite each other on the wheel e.g. purple and yellow 2. Do remember the Right-Angle trick: Colours that are 90% to each other usually fit well together e.g yellow and red, blue and yellow 3. Do remember that neighbours tend to get along better. Use colours that sit side by side, or close to each other on the chart e.g orange, red-orange and red, blue and green, yellow and green, violet and blue, etc 4. Do substitute like colours:Perfect example, pink can sub red on the wheel any time! 4. Do get some spunk! Explore the T-trend: use colours that form a T-shape e.g. red, blue and violet. I did something close to this above with the pink jacket, bright blue pants and lilac wristwatch. I mellowed down with a white cami and comfy sneakers for all that "school trekking". Top Trick: Be mindful of your shape and skin tone to work bright colours. Never use colours that drown you or make your skin look sallow! Darker colors on the bottom half make pear shaped bodies less dramatic and vice versa for large bust. Potbellies hate blocks across the tummy, so be mindful. If you have a big tummy, avoid horizontal blocks across the stomach> This is great if you have an hour glass shape though; case in point, Kim K in Dubai below.

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  1. Great! Never knew there were rules to this thing. Nice one there...


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