Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tobi: Me Through the Greats

I am Pocahontas 
Running through the restless trees 
My olive skin gleaming in the sun 
I am Rapunzel 
Eyes full of hope and restless desires 
My gold-filled hair swaying in the cool morning breeze 
I am Snow White 
A heart full of love and a smile to heal all wounds 
My ivory skin reflecting the light 
On this glass coffin you built. 
I am Aurora 
My soulful face set in the everlasting smile of idle sleep 
As Maleficent laughs her evil laugh 
And plots to take my kingdom. 
I am Eva 
Calling Wall-E with every breath 
All around this crowded room 
Of shallow minded drones. 
I am Goldilocks 
Reaching into unknown mines 
And making allies of the aliens in them 
I am Anastasia 
Watching my dreams come true 
As I watched them float away 
I am Evangeline 
Shining on my Ray all night 
As his butt twinkles to my starry spark 
I am Ariel 
Giving all for an uncertain love 
And a chance to stand on my own feet 
I am all the great love stories 
I am all the legends 
I am reality. 
I am today. 
I am me.

I have a passion for cartoons. I am addicted, truly. They are just so fresh, so clean, so beautiful. I wonder if anyone can figure out which ones I drew my references from here...

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