Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tobi: Untitled

I'm watching her
The black eyeliner
Shields her eyes
And her soul
Her face hidden beneath
An unforgiving mask
Of rich brown talc

I'm watching her
Her bare breasts heaving
Straining against the unrelenting fabric

I'm watching her
The pearly white gleam
In her smile
Hints slightly of peroxide
And calculation

I'm watching her
But she's not here
She left long ago

When the wind blew across the leaves
And the women danced
To bonfires, to chants
And to the night.

She left long ago
And sold her soul
To civilization
To lust eaters
To the new world

Where women dance now
In frenzied twists and turns
To the overdosed shouts
Of a high-strung maniac
-and mechanised beats

Where the only bonfires
Are followed by screams
Tearing through the
Hooded, masked night
The dreaded wailing
Of the fire trucks
And the ambulance

And the night,
She suffers the fools
The murderous
The unrepentant

And the waiting Jezebel
At the end of the road

It is a familiar story, how depraved the world has become. This version is seen through the eyes of an onlooker into a young girl's transition from carefree, youthful and vibrant  to cynical, disillusioned and a prostitute! It is a brief map into the changing times, changing tides, changing values and a changed world.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions with us. We would cherish them and hold them close to our hearts like the rarest of jewels. Much love...

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