Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fashion Forward: In love with Cape Dresses

We are in love with cape dresses this year! Cape dresses made a sweeping comeback on runways and red carpets in 2012, and boy, if they aren't majestic! Effortlessly chic and stylish, it's no surprise our desires have been successfully 'caped'! 

Victoria Beckham/Princess Maxima of Netherlands/Lana Del Rey/Folake Kuye Huntoon(stylepantry)/Gwyneth Paltrow

How chic are cape dresses though? Long gone and perished are those days when capes were exclusive to villians (think Dracula), superheroes (think Batman) and hobbits(think Frodo)... right?
Sarah Jessica Parker/Katy Perry/Hailee Steinfield/Kendall Jenner {Source}

Diane Kruger/Gizzi Erksine/Rosie Huntington-Whitely/Alexandra Burke/Blake Lively

As always, we've made some artsy finds for you, this time under $100.00 
(watch out for the awesome vintage dresses! etsyholics, stand up!)
 Cape Shoulder Pads Orange Dress
Vintage 1970's Persian Green Flutter / Cape Maxi Dress
 Ruffle Neck Ivory Dress with Bow
For Love & Lemons Wicca Dress
$79 - 
Vintage 1970's Mint Green Pleated Maxi  Dress with Sheer Overlaid Cape
$74.00 -

Lace Cape Dress by Coco's Fortune

 Three Floor Body Con Cape Dress
$68 -
18 And East Womens Blue Plain Cape Back Dress
$45 -
Candi Loves Cut Out Dress With Cape
$58 -
Lipsy Cutwork Cape Back Dress
$47 (£30) -

And this incredible dress is $150, but we loved it so much - we just had to share it too!
Cocktail Cape Dress
And how cute is this uber chic sheer beach cape?
Nookie Beach Eco Cropped Front Cape Dress

So, have you been bitten by the bug or would you like to sweep this trend under the rug? We'd love to know. Kisses....


  1. Really love Gwynet Tom Ford white dress!

    I'm your new follower, follow me back if you like my blog! Kiss Kiss

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  2. i particularly love the longer dresses! its really a must-have.nice post

  3. Nice dresses!

  4. I first noticed this look when Gwyneth Paltrow wore it on the red carpet and I loved it. It's bold and daring and who doesn't like a cape?
    <3 the last one!

    1. Honestly, that's when we noticed it too. We saw the orange version of the dress (by Tom Ford)recently and we just had to share our love for 'em!

  5. I like the cape dress too, nice finds dear! kisses and happy weekend to u too!

  6. I agree with you that these dresses look very majestic. Sarah Jessica Parker's dress makes me think of little red riding hoos´d - maybe a bit too extreme, but still lovely.

    1. We agree! Certainly, SJP's look wasn't missing on drama - But she looked like a queen! Which reminds me, did you see the Queen (Elizabeth) in a cape? She was spotted recently- looked awesome in it too! Have a great weekend, darl..

  7. I love your blog :) it's really delicious :D may we can follow each other? :D

    1. Thanks Antonella! Sure we can!- we'll be glad to!

  8. When I saw Gwyneth's dress I fell in love with it.

    1. So did we, Demi! So did we! Thanks for checking in and have a fab weekend!

  9. Oh yes, I love them, but unfortunately they don't look that good on me -_- Thanks for the cool finds!

    1. Thanks for checking in on us Keit! There are awesome cape blouses, jackets, coats, etc out if you don't like how the dresses look on you! It's all in the styling! We're sure you'll find the right cape soon! :)

  10. i love that beach cape!

  11. So do we, Sultana. So do we...


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