Friday, 29 June 2012

Grateful!- Nothing's Real But Love

I woke up this morning to Rebecca Ferguson's "Nothing's Real But Love". 
It is such an inspiring song, and it got me all warm and optimistic about the day! And it's fine if I don't have so much money today, and if I have to take the bus to work, and if my boss is making me a bit sad. It is fine, it is unreal, it is not my life 'cos ' Nothing's real but won't fill you up, it won't build you up... if it's not love... and no money, no house, no car...can beat love". And so today, love is all that matters, and...

I will greet this day with love in my heart!

Many thanks to all our blogger friends and subscribers! Thanks for taking us from 1 to 56, and for sticking around when you didn't have to. May you always find love lurking around the most unexpected corners too...

Have a great Friday, and a fun, fun weekend!



  1. thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Sazi, for caring! Much love and have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thanks so much for following!
    I am now following your lovely blog back.
    LOVE this pot btw=)


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