Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Interesting Finds: Celebrity Doppelgangers

If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, you surely know what the word 'doppelganger' means. In the show, that's just a covert way of ensuring Elena is relevant as more than just the teenage love interest of two hot vampire brothers.
Doppelganger (Urban Dictionary): Derived from German 'Doppelgänger', literally means "Ghostly Double". One who nearly or completely resembles another- but with no biological relation; Someone that looks exactly like another person yet not a twin.
SNL certainly made a huge enough fuss about the Tina Fey/ Sarah Palin connection to get us all twitchy (and interested).
Tina Fey/Sarah Palin
My sisters and I have so much fun 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' when we discover new celebrity look-alikes! Tobi always claims she already noticed EVERY SINGLE ONE - As if! Here are some more celebrity doppelgangers. Some you already noticed, some you never did, some, well.... and others are just plain mean!
Natalie Portman/ Keira Knightley
Chris Rock/Mario
Dita Von Teese/ Evan Rachel Wood
Marilyn Manson sure has a type.
America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) /Jordin Sparks
Lady Gaga/ Christina Aguilera
Zoe Saldana/Thandie Newton
Betty White/ Queen Elizabeth
SkyBlu(of LMFAO)/ Kirk Hammett(Metallica)
Barack Obama/Ilham Anas
Ilham Anas is an indonesian photographer who became a celebrity by impersonating Barack Obama! 
Cindy Crawford/Eva Mendes
Miranda Kerr/Adriana Lima
Julia Roberts/Anne Hathaway
Skeet Ulrich/Johnny Depp
"Skeet Ulrich? Johnny Depp called. He wants his DNA back" - David Spade (on SNL)
Johnny Depp is ..."the rich man's Skeet Ulrich" - Chris Rock (VMA 1999)
Ian Keaggy (Hot Chelle Rae)/Russell Brand
Amy Adams/Isla Fisher
Michael Fassbender/Ewan McGregor
Goapele/Rosario Dawson
Tommy Torres/Orlando Bloom
Penelope Cruz/Paz Vega
Helen Hunt/Leelee Sobieski

Nelly Furtado/ Courtney Cox
Rod Stewart/Barry Manilow
Heath Ledger/Joseph Gordon Levitt
Casted together in "10 Things I Hate About You"
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) / Will Ferrell
Phil Collins/Terry O' Quinn ('Lost')
Jessica Alba/ Marlene Favela
Alicia Keys/Jessica Alba
       Vanessa Hudgens/Mila Kunis
Ellen Degeneres/Edie Falco
Minka Kelly/Leighton Meester
Jared Leto/Jake Gyllenhaal
Helena Christensen/Cameron Diaz
Scarlett Johansson/Amber Heard
Jon Heder/James Blunt
Jordana Brewster/Demi Moore
Bono/Robin Williams
Kesha/Blake Lively
Hillary Swank/Jennifer Garner
Piper Perabo should be here too!
Joe Jonas/Camilla Belle
They once dated!
Rick Ross/Kimbo Slice (UFC Heavyweight)
Daniel Day Lewis/ Jennifer Connelly
Kenny G/Weird Al Jankovic
Javier Bardem/Jeffery Dean Morgan
Brad Pitt/Robert Redford
Josh Duhamel/ Johnny Knoxville
Peter Jackson/Jason Segel
Nicole Scherzinger/Kim Kardashian
Robert Pattinson/Tom Sturridge
Ginnifer Goodwin/Katie Holmes [Getty]
Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) /Lauren Conrad

Taylor Swift/Rapunzel(Tangled)
Angelina Jolie/Tiffany Claus
Sandra Bullock/Michael Jackson 
And since we started this extremely lengthy and slightly confusing post with Nina Dobrev's Doppelganger role as Elena in the hit tv series, "Vampire Diaries", we'll finish it with Nina's real life doppelganger... uncanny resemblance, huh?
Nina Dobrev ('Elena' of Vampire Diaries)/Victoria Justice (of 'Victorious)
We also think Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson, Christina Milian and Melody Thornton (PCD) are celebrity doppelgangers. We just can't prove it. It would be great to know if these celebrity doppelgangers ever meet and whisper to their friends (more like, 'entourage'): "No, I DEFINITELY don't look like him/her. I am way prettier/hotter!" What other celebrity doppelgangers have you noticed? We would be glad to discover some more amazing look-alikes!

Fun Stuff: You can find out who your celebrity doppelgangers are on http://www.amiaceleb.com/ and http://celebrity.picadilo.com/. Should be fun!


  1. This is a fun post...now it makes me wonder if there's someone walking around that bears some resemblance to me!

    1. It is quite amazing isn't it? You just never know! You could find out who your celebrity doppelgangers are, though. Just upload a picture on http://celebrity.picadilo.com/ and you'll get to know your doppelgangers pronto! :)


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