Monday, 11 June 2012

Style Crush: The Amazing Looks of Kim Kardashian

I have always loved Kim K's style. Her style is very feminine, very classy, very chic - and she wears the most amazing dresses, statement necklaces and ultra trendy jackets. Then there is her love for prints and neon colours! My My! It's no news that I adore maxis, skirts, prints, neon, stripes, polka dots and lace - all things soft and feminine and oh, so me! Here are some of my favorite pictures of Kim wearing some of my favorite things!

Neon-ing Up!

Statement Necklaces

 Fab Dresses!



Stripes and Polka Dots!

Black and White Stripes 

                                               Photo Agency

Pencil Skirts


Isn't she just beautiful? 


  1. love her style so much! most peeps may hate, but the gal's got mad stylex3! and that shape...!?


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