Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tobi: Tribal Influences

 Tribal inspired jewelry have been all the rage lately. Here's my office look today. I'm wearing a classic white shirt with folded arms + a pleated Ankara shirt with Satin trimming. I finished this look with a corset belt, tan flats I've had forever, and some tribal (Egyptian and Aztec-inspired) jewelry that's got me gushing! What do you think, hit or miss?

 All that teeth on display... I probably smile way more than the average person should (that's a good thing). [#MonologueTime#: Me: Don't you just love my tie? It's gold-plated, btw. Fun way to join the androgynous crowd, don't you think? Me (Reply):As If!]
 And here's the lovely pyramid ring I picked up at an open market close by the office.. I'm really feeling the neon nails too!

I did say I was at work, right?


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